Ways to meditate 1 – Guided meditation

Guided Meditation for me was the logical point to start this journey.

The notion of just closing your eyes and switching off your thoughts may seem difficult to you at first – as it seemed to me. While everyone is so thrilled by the idea of “meditating”, I always wondered how they do that – concentrate on themselves, don’t letting anything from the outside penetrate their thoughts. Guided Meditation was the answer.

The method

The key to Guided Meditation is (especially in times of social media) very simple : you can either search for a real life person who has experience in this field or you browse through the hundreds of different videos on Guided Meditation on youtube. Once decided for a video you follow the directions the speaker gives you – yep, it’s as easy as that!

The advantages

  • It doesn’t cost anything – if you go for the option on youtube, and there are very good options to be found on that site, you don’t have to pay anything for your Guided Mediation. The only thing you need, basically, is a device to play it on and some quiet time for yourself
  • It serves every purpose – there are literally no boundaries – whether you aim for more concentration, a better sleep or self-improvment, I can guarantee that you will find the right Guided Meditation in your field of interest
  • You can’t go amiss – while meditating is nothing where you really can go into the wrong direction, it might seem easier in the beginning to just follow orders. Remember, meditating is just for yourself. If you can’t concentrate or don’t get the effect out of it that you desire, try again later that day and above all, don’t worry about it. No one’s judging you, and as with everything practice makes perfect!

The disadvantages

  • You will need a lot of time – time is something that is definitely needed with Guided Meditations. While most of them will have a considerable length (around 30 minutes at least), it includes also the time you need to find the right channel/ speaker. Of course, this disadvantage drops once you have decided for a channel/ speaker that provides you with everything you need and want. However, don’t forget to make sure that no one disturbs you. As you are trying to concentrate on an external voice, you can’t blend out everything else on the outside easily, so make sure that you stay undisturbed
  • You are not alone – while you are, objectively speaking, of course alone (at least, if you chose the youtube option) it will feel like someone else is with you. You will have to take care that you like the voice and intonation of that person and that you feel comfortable with spending your time on (and with) that speaker. It may sound crazy, but some even urge you into the direction of “imagining the he/she sits next to you”. If for you the voice is annoying or makes you uncomfortable, it can be a quite weird experience instead of a pleasant one
  • You are dependent on devices – with Guided Meditation you are always dependent on at least one second object – you and your mind are not enough to complete the task. Often not only a mobile device or laptop will do the job alone, as some Guided Meditations work with sound waves that are best conceivable through headphones

The effects

For me Guided meditation has one of the best effects after a stressful day. When I find it difficult to realx or turn my thoughts away from unpleasant feelings and events, the possibility to concentrate on another persons voice helps me to calm down.

I recommend Guided Meditation especially for sleeping problems as insomnia and problems of onverthinking/ overstressing.

The source

These 3 Guided Mediations are my favorites on youtube – feel free to add the ones you love in the comment section!

  • (Sleeping)
  • (Overthinking)
  • (Sleeping)

It doesn’t matter if you have meditated before or not – give Guided Meditation a try in any case as it certainly will help you with one or the other problem most of us face daily!

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