Ways to meditate 2 – Body Meditation

When thinking of bodily exercise for meditation, the only thing that comes to the mind of many is doing yoga. Yes, doing yoga is one of the possibilities to meditate while moving the body – yet it is not the only one!

The method

Body Meditation is, as the title already suggests, anything where you move your body to achieve more mindfulness, clarity or calm. While you definitely can use yoga for that – the movements are often explicitly designed for concentrating on your body and the soft movements – it is not everyones thing. However, Body Meditation can be much simpler too – depending on your location a walk through the forest, in the mountains, on the beach. Stretching exercises on your balcony or in a nearby park. Anything that connects your mind thoughtfully with your body will do!

The advantages

  • It includes physical exercise – we all know that we shouldn’t just sit around all day, not moving our butts, staying planeted in front of our computer for hours. Body Meditation has the huge advantage that it needs you to move. Whether you stretch for a quick 5 minutes or do a 30 minutes walk in a nearby park – it will have lifted you off your seat!
  • It closely interwindes mind and body – while most ways of  meditation will need you to focus on you mind only, you can use Body Meditation to get aware of certain feelings inside your body too. As you are moving, stretching, exercising it, you will notice your limits as well as your possibilities
  • Its a great way to get some fresh air  – while yoga and stretching can of course be done inside somewhere too, it is advised to practice it outside at anytime. As you don’t need to turn out other noises and people, as it is with most other forms of meditation, using the opportunity to get some fresh air into your lungs shoudn’t go to waste.

The disadvantages

  • I honestly can’t think of anything big Body Meditation is the one I practice the most. I haven’t discovered it’s negative sides yet.
  • You need instructions (for yoga only!) – If you are determined to do yoga thats a great thing. Don’t start without sufficient instruction though, as the risk of overstretching or hurting yourself if you do the exercises wrong is high. This doesn’t stop you from doing Body Meditation in an other way though!

The effects

I have tried out yoga and pilates and liked both. I love taking walks in nature – morning, afternoon, night, it doesn’t matter – if I have time, I will use it to move my body. It helps me especially when I feel restless or mentally imbalanced.

I recommend Body Meditation especially after a long day of sitting, after long periods of mental work and for refreshing the mind before starting a new task. 

The sources for Body Meditation are you and your body. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and will feel a lot clearer and more relaxed afterwards. Try out what works best for you and pop it into your daily routine!

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