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3 ideas to get you through January

I get it. January can be great. It’s the month of new beginnings, of resolutions taking shape and being converted into reality. For me, however, it’s also the month when I most likely get my little winter depression. While I normally consider myself to be a quite optimistic person, the third or fourth day in line, with the sun not even thinking about showing itself, a little “oh what a crappy shitty stupid day” might eventually escape my lips. It’s grey, it’s university’s exam period, people around me all have a cold. My mood just isn’t really into getting up. However, that’s not how I like spending my mornings and it’s definitely not how I like spending a whole month, so here are some of the ways that get me out of my darkest moods for anyone experiencing similar difficulties!

3 quick remedies for January-Depression

  1. Bake! – Sure, christmas season is just over, and you are not really into stuffing your face with high calorie sugar bombs just yet again – I get it. But whose heart isn’t filling with joy at the smell of ripe oranges, fresh grated ginger or spicy cinnamon? Take this opportunity to try baking on a new level – less sugar, more fruit; less calories, more colors! All that wonderful flavors, like vanilla or raspberry, are perfect for lifting the mood and the productive work involved in baking, will have a positive effect as well!
  2. Treat yourself with something colorful – While we might not have the money (and time) on hands to go on a 3 week trip south somewhere, there are still little treats that can easily lift the heart. Try investing into an item that sparkles of color and is a real enrichment to your surrounding. Unicorn-cups, Rainbow cushions, whatever your heart desires. And then see if you can help smiling at the sight of it!
  3. Outdoorsport – Oh yes, I know, you didn’t want to hear that and I admit – foggy and rainy days aren’t really inviting to do sports outside. But lets be a bit philosophical here – If you let your life be dictated by the unpredictability of weather, you will spend a lot of it sulky at home. While nothing speaks against one or two days in your favorite PJs binge-watching something, it shouldn’t be the norm – and once you begin to appreciate the feeling of rain on your skin or the smell of fog in your nose, finding the motivation to enjoy outdoor sports even in unfavorable conditions will become much easier. And little beats the feeling of a near-empty piste with untouched snow or your favorte jogging-round without other people!

You shape your life daily. I am by far not perfect at it, but I am done losing days with great potential, because my mood (or the weather) is down. And as there is a lot of greyness outside my window even now, I think I’m gonnga go bake something. Have a great Januar-Day 😉


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