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3 motivations to get you going

Get going! No, that was not the first one, but it is what this post will do to you. I’ve encountered too many days where I thought I’d be doing sports and ended up on the couch anyways, but those moments are pretty much over. It can be hard, being disciplined, being consequent in your actions, especially after a long day at work or with shitty weather outside. If you experience one of these days where you just don’t seem to get going, but know that you should and know that you want – the following three thoughts should give you some serious motivation to get started!

3 quick cures for your working- out – laziness

  1. Every one single thing you do stops aging.  We all have our bad days. But sometimes it isn’t even necessary to have a great workout, to be super-motivated about it, to push all your energy into it. Remember that every workout, however bad and short it might be, stops aging (and weight gain. and illness). Well, of course that’s not an advice to consider every single day. You shouldn’t always do very short workouts just because it is convenient, but if you are on a good track and know that in one of the next days the time-frame or stress-level will show better conditions, then just do what you can today. Every bad workout is better than no workout at all. Every step you take, every  move you make ( 😉 ) is good for your body. And who knows, once you’re at it, you might even enjoy it so much that you will keep going no matter what your intentions were before.
  2. You CAN so DO. Consider how lucky we are to be able to move. I can only speak about myself of course – I have no major problems with my back, my knees, or my ankles. I can basically do whatever type of sport I want to try out. I have the abilities and possibilities to go running, to go to the gym or join a dance class. Not everyone in this world is this privileged. Some might be constrained by health issues, financial problems that don’t allow them to buy equipment, or a housing situation that makes running difficult. Being a person who doesn’t have any of these problems, I am extremely happy and grateful to use these opportunities as often as I can. Remember how lucky you are in being able to go for a run/ hit the gym/ visit that sportsclass. And then think again if you really want to miss this chance, which you got today. Is sitting on the couch and watching TV really worth not improving your body? Is your job really too important to leave it for a 30 minute run? Whatever you can do – take the chances that life presents to you. And if you really decide to stay home and not do anything, don’t find excuses for it. Be sure you are true to yourself in why you didn’t work out, instead of twisting reality. As long as you are bodily and situationally able, no excuse counts in the end.
  3. You have no right to complain if you don’t work. This one goes out to the all-time-whiners. How often do you hear someone complain about their health, the condition of their body or their weight – just to soon find out that they never work out, eat crap and drink daily. Your health and your body are ruthless. What you give to them, they will give to you. You have absolutely no right to complain about it or be jealous of a seemingly healthier and fitter person, if you don’t do anything against it. Complaints have to be earned too. Life isn’t easy, so don’t pretend that your behaviour doesn’t matter, but start taking responsibility for your either existing or, worse, non-existing actions. And if you already are working out? Well, then you are on just the right journey with just the right body that will soon reward you for your efforts.

It’s not by chance that I hardly ever get colds, as it’s not by chance that my body looks like it does. Sure, working out is an effort, you have to invest time and sweat. But there are some damn good reasons to make that investment.

Move your ass, babe. It deserves it.


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