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3 power quotes to control the day (or year)

2018 has arrived and with it, most probable, at least one or two great resolutions. For me, as I only have one resolution to stick to (the only resolution you need, duh!) , I am very determined to stay true to it, yet it involves a lot of things. I still want to develop, improve, form what and who I want to be and become in the right way. More success, a continued priority on health and fitness, adventures, growth – that’s all part of my resolution.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have great days, when everything just seems to go super smooth. The 16 hour fast isn’t even worth mentioning, jogging in icy rain done easily, those 5 pages of a paper written in one go. Summarized, days when everything just goes perfectly. And then there are those other days. Getting up seems to be the most difficult task already, you cannot finish that one single page of written work, and crave fast food basically for breakfast.

When I am experiencing those days, there is only one solution for me – browse my favorite quotes on success, discipline and control and apply them rigorously to my day.

If you need some support to stick to the person you want to be, and flow with the habits you want to evolve, these three quotes should definitely set you back on track!

3 power quotes to apply when you feel like control is slipping

  1. Live your life like you are the hero of your own movie (Joe Rogan) – Joe Rogan has poured many, maaaany, good statements into this world. This one, however, gets to me a lot and I think it is a great one to start any new day, week, year, project, idea whatsoever. Define who you want to be. Who do you want to be? How do you want to be? What kind of person do you want to appear? What will your legacy be? If you imagine your life as a movie, how would you want the heroine to be like? If you look back on your life one day, what do you want to see?
  2. When I feel tired, I just think about how great I will feel, once I finally reach my goal (Michael Phelps) – it doesn’t matter how little we feel like it, at the end of the day, we will be proud, happy and content when we achieved something. Yes, sometimes the hardest thing I can imagine is getting up from whatever I am doing and go for a run, go to the gym. Or once I smell those delicious cookies or cakes, even though I’m trying to do a low-sugar day, it is tempting to give in, to “just take a few bites”, to “only take a small slice”. It doesn’t matter what and how big the goal is, keep in mind what you want on the long run and weight, carefully, if what you want or crave right now is worth giving up that goal. If it is not – you know what you’ve got to do!
  3. Motivation is bullshit. Motivation doesn’t get anything done. Motivation gets you going – discipline, commitment, strong habits is what  gets things done (Elliott Hulse) – yes. Yes. YES! This is the number one and all time mistake one can possible make. It is NOT motivation that will get you to any goal or will help you make a resolution come true. Motivation is momentarily. What you need is commitment. What you need is self-discipline. I think I have even mentioned this is a post already before, if you wait for motivation to be with you every single time that you do something that gets you closer to your goal, you will wait forever. Motivation is great, at the beginning, and if you are motivated often, all the better, but it is not, I repeat that, it is not what will make you succeed. You have the power over your mind and over your body. Do things when they need to be done, stay true to your goals, do not wait for motivation to kick you.

Good for me, today was one of the days that didn’t excite me to move towards my goals at all. I am back on track now, which is why I am certain that those quotes will help anyone who finds herself at a low spot. Move! This day, week, year has the potential to become incredible. If you make it so!

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