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3 pre-spring trends

It is not really spring yet (though many of us wish it would come soon) and in many areas it isn’t really winter either. While layer-wise you are stuck between the question of “Will I freeze my butt off” and “Will I die of a heat stroke”, there are also all the new trends for spring/summer 2018 popping up.

Nope, it is not yet time to fully indulge ourselves in the joys of spring and summer fashion BUT if you are already hungry for the upcoming season and craving new trends, stick with me – here are 3 trends you can use to pimp your outfit springlike already!

3 trends to include into your outfit right now

  1. Monocolour – the most easy way to show some sense of fashion right now is to go monocolour. While trying this out in black might make you seem a bit too depressed, you can use bright colours as red or pink, as well as more muted ones as blue or rose. If the colours are all from one basis, it will give your look a simple trendiness.
  2. Sequins and glitter – you will see sequins on any piece of clothing in the upcoming season – so why not start wearing it right away? You can either go small and include some on your hat or beret, or you go the full way with a sparkly dress! Both ways will make you look stunning.
  3. Blazer, baby – as the weather  is not yet really favoring short outfits, you better put something over your outfit. Blazers are the favorites of this season! Every look gets a bit of “business chic” with the right blazer. Great about this trend it that you have a total free hand on the colour or the pattern.

Some inspiration maybe?

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As usual, it’s in the small things, so why not use the sale season right now and pack up on some of the upcoming trends already!


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