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3 quick healthy morning habits

Mornings are approached by all of us differently. Some jump out of bed at 7 am, looking like life itself, others aren’t able to open an eye properly at 11 am. Whatever your style is – there are some easy habits that will make your start into the day more healthy and effective. Don’t worry – they won’t take a lot of time or effort. Repeating this habit won’t come too difficult to you, but will provide you with advantages for health, appearance and well-being.

3 healthy morning habits

  1. The glass of water next to your bed – That you should stay hydrated shouldn’t be news to you. Scientists differ in their opinions on how much you should drink during a day, but between 2 and 3l is a good bet. The most important thing, therefore, is to start early. Your body loses a lot of water while sleeping, so you will want to hydrate it as soon as possible after getting up. That is, especially when you are not used to it, easy to forget. Put a glass of water right next to your bed. The first thing you see in the morning is the water and you will easily remember to drink it, maybe even before getting up. Many wait up to an hour or two, before they start drinking water, but imagine what strain that lies on your body!
  2. Brush your hair and body – The daily hairbrush in the morning is a general must. I know few people with long hair who can get by without brushing their hair after getting up. Apart from the obvious advantage, the shiny hair, this habit is also good for your scalp and stimulates circulation. But if this works already on such a small area, as the scalp, imagine how good it is for your body, when you brush all of it! The investment into a body-brush is minor in comparisons to the advantages you get. Take yourself 5 minutes of time to slowly brush from your feet, over your legs, from the tips of the fingers towards your shoulders and along your back, always in the direction of the heart. Your skin is softly peeled, circulation enhanced and your muscles awakened. You can also rub your belly with the brush in small, circular motions, if you want to. Do so only if you feel comfortable with it. It is a very sensitive area and you definitely shouldn’t start your day feeling uneasy. The first times you use your brush, be prepared that it will still feel a bit hard, but don’t worry, it softens quickly and makes this step of your (hopefully) new morning routine a very pleasurable one.
  3. Read! – Go to the nearest book store and buy yourself a small book. It is essential that it has a size that you can manage easily, as you will read one page of it every morning and don’t want to take a lot of time by doing so. Install the habit of making your first move in the morning not towards your cellphone, but towards the book. Take care that you really like the book and ideally that it provides you with some new wisdom or insights. I can definitely recommend books about stoicism – the paragraphs are short and you will have started your day already in a meaningful, calm way.

Mornings are an extremely important part of your life. They lay the foundation to a new day -everyday! If we start out grumpy, stressed and unmotivated, it is not likely that the day will go very smooth for us. I know it might be hard in the beginning, but establish for yourself a small morning routine out of the above mentioned things. All in all you will have to get up 10-15 minutes early – nothing really, if you add it to the 15 hours you are awake anyways, but the advantages you gain from a calm start like this will follow you through your whole day.


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