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3 quick plans to improve your monday

Mondays – some people love them, most people hate them. Mondays can be a lot of things. A new start! The beginning of a fresh week! The end of the freetime! The day you have to get up early again! I would argue that Mondays are a point of perspective. I do understand the people who hate Mondays, but I do also think that they are wrong. I hate to read the many many people who chim in on the “oh my fucking god no, tomorrow is Monday again” because a) we can’t change that and b) Mondays don’t deserve to be treated like this. It doesn’t help anyone the least, when he is grumpy all Sunday, because the next day is a Monday. Or when he wakes up on a wonderful morning, hating the day already, because it happens to be Monday.

We should embrace Mondays – they are the greatest friends of all. But sure, a change of this ingrained perspective you might carry with you for years already doesn’t happen from one minute to the other. Maybe these three plans will change your attitude though. I can only hope that – for your sake (and Monday’s)!

3 quick plans to improve your monday

  1. Delete all connections that preach that Mondays are bad – this is the crucial step one. You will not read the comments of the oh-so-desperate other people who try to heigthen their self-esteem by preaching that Mondays are horrible so that everyone can agree with them. You will not listen to the radio station that seems to live only for the weekends. You will not give any attention to any friend who wants you to comfort him, because bad bad Monday is around. Who are you kidding? As long as all this negativity is circeling around you, your week cannot start anyway other than bad. The most optimistic person couldn’t be happy on Mondays, if all she hears the weekend long, is the dread of the approaching Monday. The cure is simple. You delete those things out of your life. Yes, I know that you too might feel tranquilized by all the other people who seem to be of your opinion. But just because many say it, doesn’t mean it’s right. It’s not. A change in perspective has to start with a change in the things (and people) you listen to.
  2. Make a list of all the great things Monday offers – in fact, make two lists. Start one right now and write down everything that comes to your mind about what is great about Mondays in general. Stuck? Be creative! You have a whole new week full of possibilities ahead of you. This will definitely be the best Monday of your whole week. You get a chance to take all the energy of the weekend into the things you love. 7 new days of meeting people who could turn out to be really important for you lie ahead. You will find more examples – if you try. Stick this list somewhere you see it – especially on Sundays! The second list is a weekly one. It doesn’t matter how stressed out our tired you are, reserve 5 minutes each Sunday to write down what is great about the upcoming week. What do you look forward to? Who will you meet? What will you experience? Be aware that all those positive things you expect of the week can only happen, if you start the week. That should proof for once and for all how great Monday is as an ally!
  3. Include one body-loving-ritual in your Monday routine – when we feel good, we have a more optimistic mind. I don’t know what you usually do on your weekends. Maybe you destroy yourself in a bar, or you binge-watch your favorite series, or you spend the whole time with your family. We always need some time for ourselves too. Yet, weekends are often not the time to get that it seems. Make a habit out of including me-time on a Monday instead. It doesn’t have to be long – half an hour might be enough already. Invest in a body lotion you love, a body scrub you adore or a new brush – whatever you like. And on one point during your Monday, morning, afternoon, evening, whenever you find the time to do this regularily, take off that 30 minutes for yourself and your body. Show it some love. Calm down. Do this every Monday on the same time and you will soon discover how much you look forward to this little ritual of yours, making the Monday a much more pleasant day!

Almost everything can be positive or negative, depending on your viewpoint. Poor Mondays got a lot of bashing in nearly all media for many years now – it’s time we cut it some slack and start embracing the possibilities of Mondays, instead of ruining a whole day like that. A change of attitude is what it takes – and it will not only improve that one day, but the whole week. If you give it a chance.

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