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3 quick thoughts on winter fitness

Working out in winter somehow is much harder than staying fit in summer. The more grey the days the more down is the motivation. Yet, the very popular statement “Summer bodies are made in winter” isn’t all wrong – you can’t let yourself go on food and fitness for 6 months and expect a bomb body with the first sunrays.

Of course, also the health aspect per se is to consider. Your immune system works much better against viruses, if you don’t go slack beginning with september, but when it finally starts snowing, having a good nice run might not be the first thing that comes to your mind.

But because you don’t want is exactly why you should do it – and with these three quick thoughts it might get a bit easier!

3 quick thoughts on making your winter work-out more pleasant

  • Have ginger tea before training outside – ginger warms inwardly. Well, obviously you shouldn’t chuck down 2 litres of it immediately before starting your run, but one or two cups of hot ginger tea will warm your body up, before facing the cold outside! The hardest part often is the start anyways and with this little trick it won’t be this hard anymore!
  • Wrap a scarf around your kidney area – this little hack isn’t for the ones who run, because they want to look supermodelish while working-out, but for those who want to look great (and stay healthy) because of the work-out. If you wrap a thin scarf around this area, the sensible kidneys won’t get too much of the cold and the much dreaded nephritis is no longer a problem. If you are getting sick easily, you can also warm the scarf up on the heating before wrapping it around your lower back area. Put a cotton shirt (long sleeve is best) above and another thermal shirt and jacket. The cold definitely hasn’t a chance anymore!
  • Shift the ratio from outdoor and indoor work-outs – I myself love training outside much more than inside (even though I admit that I would seriously miss my gym sessions too). During the freezing months your ratio of outdoor and indoor work-outs should probably shift a bit. 70% indoor and 30% outdoor training might be a good place to start. By no means stop totally to train outdoors – even in (or especially because of) the cold your body can benefit from that. But it is most important that you listen to it. If you experience pain, breathing issues or a lot of illness due to your outdoor activities, another shift of the ratio might be necessary. It is important that you acknowledge that summer-outdoor-training and winter-outdoor-training are two different things, so your body might react quite differently to both and it would be wise to answer your bodys call, in whatever direction that might be!

Yep. It’s cold. But the cold is not an excuse to get lazy – there is always a way to move your body. The less you are motivated the more you should do it. Run against the grey, lift against the viruses, squat against the cold – and you’ll experience advantages in mood, mentality and mobility!

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