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3 quick tips to get you out of bed

Last week we talked about some easily useable morning habits – but what if not the morning habit, but the “actually-getting-out-of-bed” is the problem? Fear not! This week I will provide you with my all time favorite cures against the warm and cozy morning -matresses, which seem so much more inviting on cold days and make getting up a difficult chore!

3 quick tips that will get you out of bed

  1. Only a small step – Yes, I agree, on some days the prospect of having aaaaaaaaaall day ahead is per se already stressful. You are still a bit numb, the blankets are heavy, after you get up you have so many things to do…staying in bed is the much better option, isn’t it? (The answer is, No. It isn’t!). If you are faced with this problem try the following thing. Tell yourself that you will only do something really small, like brushing your teeth and then return to bed. We both know that you won’t return to bed once you are up for 5 minutes, but for your body and mind the promises of getting back to bed after doing a small task seems so encouraging that it will make getting up a lot easier. Works for me every time!
  2. Buy a light-alarm-clock – Especially in winter months, the darkness is your enemy. How can it possibly be a good idea to get up and out, when not even the sun is up yet? And the loud noise of your alarm clock certainly doesn’t make you feel any better. If I was you, I would invest in an alarm clock that wakes you with soft light. You are awakened in a much smoother, gentler way, you don’t have to stumble around in darkness before you find your things and the impression of day is given too. The downside is of course that if you are sleeping next to a partner and he doesn’t have to get up at the same time, he might not be so happy about it 😉
  3. Prepare warm clothes – So far we have defeated 2 enemies – the laziness and the darkness. But what about major enemy (in winter) number 3 – the cold? If you have read ANYTHING on a good nights sleep so far, you will know that you shouldn’t sleep in an overheated room – around 18dg is a good temperature for your sleeping room. This can be pretty tricky though in the morning. Who do you want to kid, no one wants to leave his warm bed and face grim cold outside of it. To defeat it, prepare warm socks and a pullover next to your bed before going to sleep the evening before already. This time you won’t wake your partner, so for this no execuse counts (if you don’t have a cozy pullover, it’s high time you get one!). Put on the socks and the pullover while you are still in bed. You face the day comfortably dressed, warm and you can most probably manage anything that comes along your way now!

Mornings can be hard – but they are a really important time. You always have options in facing them – are you going to be grumpy, cold and unmotivated? Or will you lay a good foundation for the day to come in a cozy, warm surrounding, accompanied by your established habits and ready to face your day? It’s your choice!

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