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3 ways to deal with overwhelm

A week has gone by and I haven’t managed to put one single blog post online. Why? The last days have been amazingly overwhelming. While I am well aware that the stress is mostly internal, it doesn’t mean that it makes it any less real to me.

Dealing with it has been an important topic lately. I have watch videos, read experiences and tried to extract the most important ideas for me. Does this mean that the following list is a bullet proof solution? Definitely not. Because if I found out one thing for sure it is that everyone needs to deal with it differently. Nevertheless, the three options I present here are personally tested, modified, and have received an A+ from my part! šŸ˜‰

3 ways to quickly deal with overwhelm

Journaling – hell yeah, that is definitely my favorite one. I have been an on and off journaler (don’t know if that word really exists though) for years. Periods of daily entries follow month-long dry periods. Especially in these last days though, writing everything down, without editing my thoughts, has not only cleared my head to a huge extent, but it also helps to clarify some of that everlasting thoughts. Problems you considered to be huge, lose much of their sting and importance once they are ordered. Maybe you’ll find out that much less is left over to do. Maybe you’ll see that your to-dos just needed a little rearranging. Do it on your phone, your laptop, or the classy way in a diary or notebook – you’ll wrap up your day smoothly and have a lighter heart to sleep with!

TeaĀ – I am indeed a lover of tea in all situations. But nothing calms me as well as a nice cup of steaming hot lavender tea. Well, of course it’s not the tea alone. If you sip it too fast, while frantically hammering into your keyboard, it probably won’t do you any good. But taking 20 conscious minutes off, smelling and tasting the tea fully, maybe sitting by the window, listening to wood or wave sounds and coming back to yourself – that is when you’ll feel the real magic of tea! (Can this work with hot chocolate or coffee too? Maybe. But both might make you even more agitate due to caffeine or sugar – best to keep it healthy there!)

NappingĀ – we hated it as babys, we love it as students. Over the day you are likely to lose will-power, discipline and concentration. The easiest way to refill your batteries is to give your body the rest it need. Scenario: You got up at 7, worked your way in front of the computer until 1pm and just feelĀ exhausted.Ā Shut the blinds, out a timer on 30 minutes and close your eyes. It’s not even necessary that you sleep – after about 5-10 minutes you will feel your body soften and your breath deepening. 5-10 minutes later you will notice that your racing thoughts are slowing down. For the last 10 minutes you will feel relaxed, stress-free and calm. These 30 minutes of rest can lead to another 4 hours of better, more productive, work.

There are moments when everything feels just a little too much, a little too exhausting, a little too pressing. But I always ask myself: Do I need to do my work the fastest way possible, or do I need to do my work the best way possible? And with the answer always being the latter, the choice of resting is easy!

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