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3 ways to get into your Christmas mood

While Advent is supposed to be the most quiet time of the year, for many of us it is the most stressful one. Between last deadlines and all of the Christmas presents, we barely find time to bake cookies and drink just another mulled wine. The replay mode of Whams “Last Christmas” doesn’t really help either. I think it’s a shame. I love Christmas, the smells, the feeling, and I ask myself, where has the time gone, when I was just so joyful and happy, totally relaxed, before the big day? When did it become for most people a burden, instead of a quiet family celebration?

Enough of that! I am determined to get into my Christmas mood, and if it’s only slowing me down a bit and making me ready for the upcoming festive days, it’s good already!

If you feel yourself stretched too thin in December too, these advent activities will for sure make you feel more joyous.

3 ways to get a bit into your Christmas mood

  • Mulled-wine session at home – grab yourself 2 or 3 of the people closest to you. Put on the most comfortable clothes, remove the make-up, the pretense and the stress and prepare yourself your mulled wine at home. Nothing better to get you in a mood anticipating Christmas than the smells of hot wine, honey, cinnamon and clove in your home! Why should we always head out to drink once more the over-sugared, over-prized version of it, how ever much we like to do that (for whatever reason, who knows), if we can calmly stay at home too, have a chat with people close to us and be cuddled up. Be careful that you really keep the circle small though. You don’t want another Christmas party that no one really wants to attend, but rather a stressless get-together; a time-off rather than another duty!
  • Do your very own sing-along – some all time classics – Last Christmas, Jingle Bells, All I want for Christmas is you – is played until it’s basically dead in the weeks preceding Christmas. But those might not be your favorite Christmas songs at all! So the first step is this: in times of YouTube and Spotify nothing is easier than creating your own Christmas playlist. That’s, however, not the most important part – many of you might already have done that. But try to remember, what makes kids so excited about Christmas. Sure, the mystery, the presents – but aren’t they all happy and bright-eyed when they get to sing? Do the same! Take yourself some time off or combine it with useful activities (the weekly laundry session might be a good tip) and sing your head off! Sing loud, sing full hearted, let the lyrics come back to your head, don’t care about whether you sing right or wrong, hit the tone or not. This is for you, only.
  • Shop your Christmas or New-Years-Eve Outfit – this one is a personal favorite. I admit that I like shopping a lot. And I love putting time and efforts into “special” outfits like Christmas or NYE. Miss a piece? Take your mind off the others and what you want to buy for them for a moment and shop for yourself. Sure, I hear you, we do this all year long. But after all the relationship to yourself is the most important one. And I’m not suggesting to spend all your money on yourself! But if you are stressed, you won’t find anything suitable for others anyways, so better put yourself in a good mood first and at the same time reduce the stress on those days too!

Christmas is a great time. Somehow the joy went a bit out of it. I still am happy to see my family, my eyes still get all sparkly when the Christmas markets open, but of course, the older we get the more stressful it gets too. Take some time for yourself and for really close people off – it’s a festive day for others, but also for yourself and we shouldn’t miss all the fun we had as children, just because we’re adults now.



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