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3 ways to improve your blog-productiveness

Being relatively new in the blog business, I don’t face a lot of problems coming up with ideas or finding time for my blog. Normally, I just write whenever and however I please. Lately, however, I have discovered that I waste a lot of potential and productive time, simply by being too unfocused and inconsistent. I might have good ideas, but fail to execute them when it would be necessary, while blanking afterwards, when I’m finally in front of my computer.

It was necessary to come up with some simple, yet effective ways and times to work regularly on my blog and improve my writing.

3 potential opportunities/ ways to improve your productiveness

  1. Early morning train rides: Living in Innsbruck while studying in Salzburg gives me a lot of time in trains. I have realized that, especially when my rides are in the early morning (something between 6-9 am) it would be a huge waste of potential to not act during this time window. I don’t know what it is – maybe it’s my mind being at its most refreshed state, maybe it’s because my mind is still a bit unfocused or because I have all day ahead of me – but not only ideas for blog posts seem to just fall out of the blue, but also their execution is much easier and faster.

If you don’t have to do train rides often, try out having an early coffee in a nearby café – it doesn’t really matter where you do it, just change your location and do it during morning hours!

  1. The hour after working out: We all know that feeling: we still have to take care of the apartment, do this homework, write those blog posts, go work out. It’s a lot of things to do in your “free” time and can seem super-overwhelming. Often we safe the training for last, thinking that it’s a good follow-up activity for sitting all day. Truth, however, is this: if you are at home or at university/work all day, sitting, you won’t be very productive if you, once being off-duty, just return to the seated state. Most likely you will stay in front of your computer for a bit, don’t produce anything useful, and additionally skip training, because the day was too long already. The solution? Go train immediately! After a longer period of working/sitting/concentrating it makes a lot more sense to take a break and let your mind wander during sportive activities. You will discover that your work and blog posts thereby improve significantly!
  2. Regular evening program: It doesn’t sound much fun, if you set fixed times for blog writing, I understand that. But if you train your mind to experience it as a hobby, blog writing during fixed hours can be an extremely productive activity. Think of it like this: on Mondays you maybe watch your favorite TV series, regularly. On Wednesdays you go to dance class, regularly. And on Thursdays you write at least 2 blog posts, regularly. Incorporating a regular routine in your blog writing hours will help you tremendously – especially if you feel like you don’t have anything to say or write. As this is the only task you’re doing at that moment, your mind will come up with something.

Of course I understand that blog writing is something that everyone has to do his own way. But I know the feeling of having ideas seemingly stuck in my head, or of having time that could have been super-productive wasted, because I didn’t seize the chance.

If you face similar problems, try the three ways and times of writing on your blog mentioned above – I am sure at least one of them will be of help!

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