About Simone

Hi there – let’s keep this short.

Apart from the introductory part (My pleasure, Simone, 25, austrian!) I would define myself as multi-passionate. And this blog represents that pretty well.

“If you start a blog you have to find ONE niche that you like, you have to decide for ONE passion”- they told me.

– But hey, that’s not what I want to do. That’s not me. And where is the sense in writing a personal blog if it’s not about me?

So what can I tell you-

I love reading, dancing, sleeping. Eating great food, going out, watching Disney Films, One Punch Man or Last Man Standing; going to the theater!

I enjoy diving into problems, solving them, learning from them, giving advice.

One huge passion is feminism- if you can call it that. I don’t like how many doubts, insecurities and bad feelings women carry with them – towards other women, but also, and especially, towards themselves.

I really don’t understand why feminism is always viewed as the single defining character – why feminism, a love for fitness, a passion for fashion; arguments on sexism, highheels and kettlebells – can’t go together.

Society makes you think that you can’t be all fashionable, fit and a bit crazy sometimes – and still be a feminist with important values too. You can!

That’s what this blog is about: all the sides of me and all the benefit and inspiration you can (hopefully) draw from that. Empowerment. Style. Relationships. Self-love. Fitnessmotivation. Food. Books.

Change has to start somewhere. Ourselves is a good place for that.  

PS: Starting this blog got me pretty hard out of my comfort zone. You can get to know more about me, my worries and why this blog exists here.





All the views, analyses and inspirations I post are purely my own- I do not know if the authors intended it the same way. Every direct quote will be clearly marked as such.

I am not paid by anyone to feature him/her/ the products/restaurants etc etc – if I talk well about something, I mean that. If not, I mean that too!