That one advice that gets you started

As I’ve already mentioned, starting this blog was kind of a, personal, challenge for me. I can imagine that there are many things that you always wanted to do, but never dared to because you didn’t feel ready. Quite frankly I think that the notion of being “ready” is one of our greatest problems in modern day society.

Why can the notion of being “ready” be a problem?

Being ready implies that you are done with and/ or perfect at something. Being ready imposes that you have reached a certain type of proficiency. Being ready means that you are not scared of the next step anymore.

All of that can be counterproductive when you actually try to do something new or exciting. For me it was the blog, for you it can be the bestseller that you have in your head, that opera you want to sing, or the paintings that you want to draw – anything really.

It doesn’t even only concern you personally, alone. It can be getting pregnant. It can be owning a dog. Buying a house. Moving in with your partner. – you get the idea.

People like to excuse themselves from a great variety of things with the simple sentence “I’m not ready for that yet”.

What is the advice that can save my project from that fate?

I’ve heard it in various ways, but the essence is this:

“Do whatever you wanna do before you are ready to do it. It is better that it is done and started than perfect and never executed”.

If you never try painting, will that what you have in your mind ever come to life? If you never get a dog, will you ever know if you can handle the responsibility? If you never start this blog, will you ever know where it can lead you? The answer to all of these questions, obviously, is No. You can’t. You will need to start when you are not ready and not perfect and scared to eventually get better, more responsible or successful.

When can I use this advice?

I’d like to say always, but that would be a bit overhasty. Use it for all the long-term projects and passions and desires that are on your mind. I mean, come on, we both know that this advice is not to be used on your 15-minute presentation – you can prepare that in a way to feel ready and fearless.

But the concepts and dreams you have in mind, which take up more time, consistency, self-discipline to improve and evolve – those need to get started right away, even if you aren’t ready. Because for those you never will be.

Humans grow with their challenges – and one of the biggest challenges you will face is your own self-effacement. It would be sad to let your dreams and ideas slip into that big black bulk of “later” and “when I’m ready”.  Get started now and I promise that you will be surprised about what you really can do.

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