Bags, bags, bags – our favorite partner in fall/winter 17

Women can’t live without their bag – we just have too much things to bring with us. But bags are much more than their functionality – they are a great way to give your outfit just the right, trendy touch you desire. So lets check out what fall/winter season has for us in store:

  1. It’s the return of the clutch! Oh! Yes! This is what I have waited for. While clutches often came in different styles, from mini to extra large, this the classic sized clutch is in again – and the chances of losing or breaking your arm while carrying it have reduced to a minimum! And I am sure this is what everyone of us has at home – a classic clutch, ready to wear to nearly every outfit.
  2. As I have already mentioned in the post about the general tendencies, fur is the must-have material of this season. On your bag or clutch it makes a spectacular impression – no extra fanciness needed!
  3. Again I will limit myself to the most important 3 styles, and the last one for bags is wearing 3 bags at the same time. Yes, you heard correctly, I’m gonna repeated that. Choose your favorite 3 (small) bags and wear them all. That’s practical, on the one side, as you have super much space to put your stuff and fashionable, on the other because this is how small bags were worn all over the runways during the fashion weeks. Be careful to not overdo it though – if one bag is a statement, two should be more simple to not kill the whole feeling of the outfit!

So here they are, the three trends you can easily incooperate into your style with things you, probably, already have at home (except for the fur. That probably not. 😉 )

For more inspiration on how to put yourself out there this season, take a look at the general tendencies and shoe trends, straight off the runways!

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