Berets – the stylish way to warm your head

It is getting really cold outside, at least here in Austria. And even though it means the death of all hair-dos, it is necessary to wear something over your ears, if you don’t want to end up sick most of the time. Red and puffy noses aren’t very sexy either, after all. Fashion gives us a lot of possibilities in this direction – fancy headbands, fluffy earmuffs or – my personal favorites and all around the world popular this season – berets!

The classy- french hat is not only on runways, but foremost a great darling streetstyle-wise at the moment. If you feel a bit at loss at how to wear them and in which colour to buy them, you have come to the right place!

Ways to wear your beret

  1. All the way down. This is for sure the warmest way tow ear your beret. You make sure that the hat sits even on your head, it covers both ears and also your front won’t get cold. It reveals a very practical attitude towards your fashion  accessories.
  2. Set on top. If you really want to put your beret in the spotlight, it is best to place it, clearly marked as being the star of your outfit, on the top of your head. While the warmness effect is somewhat lost this way, it is a sure possibility to ensure a statement – outfit. As for the colours you can go two ways here – either you tone down the extrem in making the beret of your choice; or you go full-blown statement by making your beret fully patterend or with jewelry. Be careful about the effect you want to achieve!
  3. Tilted the french way. A combination of the above options, slightly tilted to the right side. If you want to wear your beret classical french, you will stay warm, while also showing your sense for fashion. Paris is, after all, one of the capitals of fashion, so to wear it like the French is always a good idea.

What colour will you choose?

  1. Staying classy with black. Black can never go wrong. Its stylish. It fits. Come on, it’s black, why don’t you own one already? 
  2. Showing colours in winter. Winter is grey enough already as it is. It is nice to have the possibility to put some colour in it – and berets are a great way to do so, You can buy them, cheaply, in nearly every colour you can imagine. 
  3. Making a statement. Go wild! Pearls, sew-ons, wild patterns – everything is allowed.  By all means berets don’t have to be boring at all. 

The importance with berets is: know what you show. By wearing berets you are already claiming that you have a certain sense for fashion (other than with plain grey caps, for example) – be aware how the combination of ways to wear them and their colours will always give a certain edge to your outfit – what kind of edge is up to you, just be sure that you know what you’re expressing.

You have literally no limits in the ways to wear your berets. Where and how you place it on your head, the colour of it, the pattern you choose – go wild or stay classy or invest in both and choose according to mood! Berets give you all the possibilities.

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