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Books that get you going 3 – The 50th law

“The 50th law” is an amazing cooperation between the author Robert Greene and the well-known Rapper 50 Cent. I could understand if you are confused. 50 Cent didn’t especially strike me as a very deep personality, as someone, who’d have a say in a book. Girl, was I wrong! I have to admit that I haven’t put much effort into understanding him or his lyrics previously – it’s not exactly my type of music. But the book, which was published in 2009, definitely gives you some interesting insight in his life and, yes, wisdom.

Some facts

The authors are, as I have already mentioned, Robert Greene and 50 Cent. Robert Greene is very well-known for his books “The 48 laws of power” and “The Art of Seduction”. 50 Cent is well-known for being shot 9 times – and having survived and for his rap songs, of course. Even people who do not listen to this type of music would mostly recognize is voice. Each chapter consists of various parts. You start out with a general overview over what is to come next. It is then continued with “The Fearless Approach”, “Keys to Fearlessness” and a “Reversal of Perspective”.  The book has 291 pages.

What is it about?

Ultimately, as you might have figured from the subchapters it is divided in, it is about fearlessness. Not the kind that makes you die, or the kind where you have to shout and belittle others to feel more confident and “fearless” yourself, but the kind of fearlessness that is deeply ingrained in you and lets you face the world in a more powerful, more conscious, even more effective way.

Why should I read it?

  1. It helps you build up confidence – and I am talking about real confidence here. While reading this book, you cannot help, but feel more powerful. You view your difficulties and problems in quite a different light and are able to face them, strengthened. It is not so much about what it tells you to do, it is more of a feeling that you acquire already while reading it.
  2. It features the citations of strong people – I always loved authors who use important quotations of others at the beginning of the chapter. While it does kind of summarize what is to follow, it also proves to me that the author really knows what he is saying and is educated enough to do so. In fact, I think if you collected all the quotations in “The 50th law” and put it in a notebook, you’d have a great source of inspiration already!
  3. It’s a mind-set – we are, despite how much we might want it, not in control of many events in our life. The book “The 50th law” provides you with a mind-set  to face that challenge – the challenge of living in a world where problems and events are brought your way, mostly without your consent, and you are forced to deal with them. You can do this, drowned in anxieties and fears, or you can approach them calm and secure. Confident. If you choose the latter, “The 50th law” definitely should be put on your Must-Read-List right now.


Three of my key phrases

The greatest fear people have is that of being themselves. They want to be 50 Cent or someone else. They do what everyone else does even if it doesn’t fit where and who they are. But you get nowhere that way; your energy is weak and no one pays any attention to you. You’re running away from the one thing that you own – what makes you different. I lost that fear. And once I felt the power that I had by showing the world I didn’t care about being like other people, I could never go back. (18)

Never be a minion, always be an owner. (62)

To feel inspired you must first experience a moment of emptiness. Use such moments to assess the day that went by, to measure where you are headed. It’s  a relief to not feel that constant need for outside entertainment. (231)

(50 Cent, Greene Robert. (2009). The 50th law. G-Unit Books, Inc: China.)

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