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Books that get you going – the series

It doesn’t really matter at what stage of your life you are. Sooner or later you will start something new, or at least have the desire to do so. You will want to improve yourself, one way or the other, move forward and find motivation and happiness in your life. Do you know those people, working in an office, complaining from monday to thursday about their job, only being happy on the weekends? That is such a sad life to live! People like these are unhappy more than half of the time!

To make sure that this won’t happen to you (because we already have to many people vegetating their life away like that) sources of inspiration are always welcome – and this is what this series is about. Luckily for you, nearly all of the books that I will present here can be found in a shortened form on YouTube too. You gain much more insight, however, if you consciously invest the time in reading them.

You ask how books could be able to help you? Well, there are many reasons for that. First of all, books take time to be written. It is highly unlikely that someone just dashes down some fancy, unproved ideas for the “fame”, gets them editorially approved and in the bookstores, so you can be quiet calm about the quality. Second, books provide a lot of information at once. Third, it is a source of quiet time, time for yourself, time to improve – YouTube videos can give a quick motivational boost, but it won’t last long!

Of course there is always the risk that a book is crappy, even if it is unlikely. But that’s exactly why you are here. I have read those books, often even more than once. I know background information to the authors, know about their lives and why they have aspired to write a book. And I have applied findings I discovered in this book – successfully.

That leaves 3 important things to say

  1. I said – “I have applied things successfully” – What success is, what the books do to you and how much those books help you is ultimately (yep, you guessed it) about you. Your expectations, your open-mindedness and your ability to distract from the text that what is most worthy to you is essential.
  2. Not everything will fit you – It is inherently wrong to expect of a book that every single line can be applied to your own life. You will need to extract from the books whatever is helpful for you and your life at the moment. It doesn’t have to be your new religion, rigorously followed – let it just be what it is. An inspiration and motivation.
  3. Note down phrases that really spoke to you – I myself like to write them in a nice looking notebook – this way, I don’t have to read the whole book again to gain the motivation it provided me with. But whether you scribble them somewhere or paint them in big letters across canvases – do something with the words that got you, safe them for later use.

Maybe you love the books I picked. Maybe you hate them, but got motivated to find your own. Maybe you at least decide to not become a person who hates 5/7 of their lives. Giving those books a try definitely won’t be to your disadvantage.

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