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Making cleaning up fun instead of duty!

Cleaning up the apartment is something everyone of us has to do – even the lucky ones who have a maid (or a mum) who does the main things, we won’t get around mopping up, folding the laundry or washing the dishes from time to time.

For many this is a tiresome chore, and they approach it as such – angry, bored, unfocused – and make it, by this, clearly an unpleasant duty.

For me it’s different. Call me crazy, but I actually look forward to the day when I can take care of the apartment, and with the following steps make you’ll make this duty more pleasant for yourself too!

  • Take one morning/afternoon/evening off for it. You will need, depending on the size of your apartment, at least 3 hours for a thorough clean-up. Take this time! Do not stress yourself, but keep it free from other duties. If you do a little bit here and there, scattered over the whole week, you’ll never have a totally satisfying result.
  • Consider it as time for meditation. When you do the dishes focus on the item at hand, the soapy water, the smell of it. When you do the laundry feel the material of your clothes. No music, no Tv, no netflix – no distraction, just you and your task in the present moment.
  • Develop an end-of-cleanup-ritual. For me that’s simple, when everything is finished I light an incense stick and make myself a cup of tea. If I have more time I might put on a facial mask, take a long shower and do my nails – you get the idea. Wrap up your clean – up session with something you adore thoroughly.
  • Fully enjoy the sight of your apartment now. Feel the space you made, and how the energy can flow through it freely again. Actively appreciate what you’ve done – that’s the feeling I already spoke of before, of which you deprive yourself if you do only little tasks all the time.

You see, cleaning – up doesn’t have to be a duty. I wager you all put a lot of love and care in the furniture and decorating of your apartment – so why not taking care of it and yourself at the same time?

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