The colours and tendencies to know this season!

Fall is just around the corner- and so is a perfect new opportunity to shop!

But if you are like me, trends nowadays just switch too fast to keep my whole closet updated with each and every one of them. Being a student, budget is not necessarily low, but at least limited.

This is why I provide this quick overview over the most important colours, patterns and tendencies, you should know, own, get, or discover anew inside your closet this fall/winter!

1. Colours!

The colour to display this season definitely is red! It comes in all nuances and variations, wear skirts, t-shirts or coats, or, if you just want to add a dash of it, put it on your lips and nails!


A second, and by far more daring, colour that you can wear is silver. Use this colour, not only as an accessoire, but also in full-clothing style, and you’ll make a guaranteed, couragous and stunning entrance.

2. Patterns!

There was a variety of patterns to be viewed on the catwalks of fall/winter’s season – these two very the most prominent, however.

Plait. Plait is worn not only on trousers, but on every clothing item you can imagine. Nearly no fashion show was seen without it.


Winter florals: Well, thats new. It is commonly known that florals always make their entrance during spring time. However, this season, florals are much loved and appreciated also in winter time, to give yourself a cute queeny look.

3. Tendencies!

Now here is where it gets really interesting.

There are some super easy tendencies to include into your everyday outfit.

First of all – waist belts! Waist belts are a great way to pimp your outfit and give yourself the oh-so-desired hoursglass shape! While a loved recommendation is “the wider the better” it really depends on your body type and height – while models on the runway sure look great with really wide waist belts, I myself, being only 1,67 tall, kind of look stumpy and shapeless with a waist belt that covers everything from boobs to hips!

Second tendecy: fishnets. Yes, its true. We still have a kind of shady image in our heads when it comes to fishnets. And people wearing them in colour nude and too tight doesn’t give us a better feeling about them. However, there are various ways to include fishnets in your daily wardrobe: try wearing them under ripped jeans (seen already during spring/summer) OR copy the way they’ve done it on this season’s runways – under super-chic and classy dresses.

I, personally, love wearing them over dark tights – it still gives you the fishnets advantages of looking sexy and somewhat daring, while not showing a lot of skin.

And last but not least, materials: Fur, velvet and lace! Sure, fur isn’t a very new feature, it seems, for winter clothes – this season you wear fur (and velvet) on everything though. Coats, bags, shoes – you name it and it will have been seen on fashion weeks leading up to, and streets during this fall and winter!


Lace seems not the first choice for the cold months. But if you layer them, you can achieve a cute look without freezing to death.

So here there are, my most important things to look out for in these upcoming months. I am sure there is something for everyone, closet and budget considered, in!

Oh, you don’t have enough yet? Then move on to the posts on shoes and bags, to improve your outfit even more!



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