Do NOT put this into your cake!

Everyone who knows me knows too that I love experimenting in the kitchen. When it comes to cooking I like throwing together what sounds nice and mostly that turns out pretty well.

Things are differently when it comes to baking and I know that. It’s about consistency and doing in what belongs in with exactly the amount thats suggested – you work according to recipe.But then again I sometimes need to change and adapt stuff, maybe because the form should be different or I don’t have required ingredients at home. This time I tried adapting a biscuit recipe to a cake and since there were lying around I added plums too. In my mind a wonderful Toffee-Plum Cake took shape.

What was positive about that. The taste, now that it is out, is good. The toffees and the plums go together nicely and is has a great texture (despite me pouring infinite amounts of milk in it). Unfortunately that is already the only good thing I can say about this try.

What I kind of missed was that biscuit dough is significantly more dense than cake dough – the toffees that stay where they belong when you form them to biscuits, decided to take a nice dive into my dough and now don’t want to leave the form! It adds to my mood that the toffees are now at the bottom and kind of got crunchy, which sounds nice. It does not add to my mood that approximately half of the caramel doesn’t get out of the form anymore. In fact, I am pretty upset, because it seems that I have lost my beloved rose-coloured baking form to this experiment.

However, I will try to see this positively and learn from this experience -and therefore not smash the cake, which at first impulse I really wanted to do! But please learn from me and never never put TOFFEES in your CAKE. It’s impossible to get all of it out of the form and to be honest, the pieces that I did get out won’t get As for appearance either.

So as a bottomline; I will bake things with toffees again. I will not put toffees in my cake again. And the only time you should put them in there is when you desperately want an excuse for a new baking form.


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