Doing what’s necessary (not always right)

When I started blogging, about a year ago, I was sure I’d be able to:

  • move to a new city
  • finish my studies
  • find new work
  • improve my fitness and health routines …

and at the same time be able to keep up posting 3 ideas each week.

I was wrong. But as it is usual for mistakes, there’s a lesson hidden in my failure to keep up posting and consequently neglecting the blog for some months:

Sometimes it is better to do what’s necessary than to do what’s right. 

Priorities, goals, and ideas change. Even though I had a resolution I found useful and helpful in the first months to establish a writing routine, keeping it up would have meant

  • neglecting my health
  • delivering myself to unnecessary stress situations
  • letting myself once more being dictated by expectations rather than necessary adjustments.

It is a tendency we humans, especially we women, often show: we focus on all the negative things in life, underlying what went wrong, seeing what we haven’t achieved instead of what we, instead, did achieve in this time.

I will argue for three things, essentially:

  • Stay disciplined and true to your priorities and goals – but notice, when priorities temporarily might change and need adapting. RealLife example: I love writing and I am determined to keep this blog going: yet, finishing my studies and staying true to my fitness and health goals were more important during the last months. Sometimes things have to be put in a box for a while for the good of the whole!
  • Accept personal changes – goals and priorities might change, but you might must the same! It is not fixed for eternity that our character and preferences will be the same in all those upcoming weeks, months and years. RealLife example: Sure, I still love fashion and I am still a feminist, but I want to transmit my views in quite a different way. Will I still write about female empowerment and the necessity of supporting each other – well sure. But I realized that fashion, though important for me in my life, has no major place on this blog anymore – at least for now. Transitions!
  • Do not fear other’s judgment – oldie but goldie. I will not stop mentioning and highlighting this. We are, or at least, I am, still too often, too much, in my thoughts and worries influenced by what others might think. Why tho? RealLife example: I was highly tempted to write about anything at all just to keep writing. But that’s not what I try to do when I am writing on here. I want to improve, I want to reflect and maybe, sometimes, inspire or spark thought also in others. The latter not being the prime goal though. The only reason why I might have thrown all my values regarding this topic overboard was because of my fear what other’s would think, finding this seemingly vacated blog.

Your life and the factors influencing it, change on a regular basis. In life, maybe one of our most important traits is to learn how to do adapt to new situations and new selfs. It’s no use trying to stick to outdated goals. Why this is still not a claim for lack of discipline? Well, that’s a topic for a new post 😉

With all the best,


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