Fashion How-To: Leggings in Winter

Leggings seem to be a kind of controversial topic. Women often face criticism because either a) they are supposingly too huge to wear leggings, b) they are supposingly too skinny to wear leggings, c) their top is too short to wear to leggings, and so on and so on. Now, I can sometimes agree with these statements. As I have said many times before already, yes, I am in favor of women wearing whatever they feel comfortable in, but I am also a fan of good, sensible, fashionable style, and really thin leggings on a really thin girl, showing all her bones and all her underwear is just not good style (just as many other combinations aren’t).

No doubt, however, leggings are comfortable and for many girls the base of choice – also in winter. This can develop into a problem though. Many leggings aren’t designed for the cold months and wearing them, without taking care of your health can lead to serious issues.

For those of you who can’t live without their leggings, not even when it’s snowing outside, improve your style and ensure your health with this quick and practical fashion How-To!

How to style your leggings winterproof

  • Invest in more expensive faux-leather leggings – thermal leggings are the solution for cold days! They don’t look thicker, they are comfortable to wear, and they will warm your legs. A big plus is that they are super-easy to style too, actually especially in winter! Wear your leather leggings with an all black outfit – a thick pullover or turtle neck that covers at least half of your butt, black boots, black gloves. Decide for one statement piece only (as you often should). Leather leggings are always a good way to go, as they are neither boring nor an overstatement. You will look stylish without going overboard. Perfect for this season is a combination with red. Red lips. Red scarf. Red hat. Simple, yet effective!
  • High boots/ Overknees – if you don’t want to invest into new leggings, combining them with high boots or overknees is always an option. As the material then will be pretty thin, it is a suitable combination anyways and the extra layer will ensure that you don’t freeze to death. While the black on black combination nearly always work, you can polish up your style easily on this one, if the leggings and the colour of the boots do not match. Of course, we all know that in winter the demand for parrots is nearly non-existent, so if you go colourblocking on the overknee – legging combination try to keep it low for the rest of your outfit. However, overknees or leggings in a dashing colour do upgrade your every outfit, and make it easier in the morning as you already have the stunning component of your outfit ready!
  • Leg-warmers – while they are mostly known to aid ballerinas, legwarmers are also a great option for people who do not like neither boots nor thermal leggings. They really aren’t an investment (costwise) and can add a ton of fashionista feeling to your outfit! While they are not as much of a cover as overknee boots or thermal leggings, they allow you to wear shoes that only reach to the ankle and still not freeze. In this case you shouldn’t go black on black. Leg warmers per se tend to make your outfit a bit cuter, a bit more girly-like. You can either underline this by using rosè or beige ones, or again you can use colourful ones to jazz up your outfit. Be careful though – bright colours can make your look seem childlike fast! Pastel colours are a much safer option on this trend!

Leggings are not out of season just because it is winter. You can easily style your favorite pair also during the cold months. However important fashion is to you though, don’t overlook the health aspect in this case. There are many stylish ways to stay warm while wearing leggings in winter too!


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