Fashion is an attitude – and much more.

If you have read my previous posts on fashion you all know my view on it. I hate the idea that some people have, claiming that fashion and money, fashion and popularity or fashion and origin are somehow related.

What fashion is – and what fashion is not. 

  1. Fashion is an attitude. Fashion is not designer clothes. We all know these people, young or old, who think that just because they pair their Michael Kors sunglasses with L. Vuitton bags and Chanel dresses they can somehow be considered fashionable. But that’s not the case. Your Miumiu shoes might look pretty stupid with that Prada sweater – just because there’s a famous logo on it, doesn’t mean they are stylish, doesn’t mean you are stylish. Likewise a girl dressed all in Zara, H&M and Pimkie can look down right stunning – because she knows she has a great sense for colours and patterns, combines the right items and wears her clothes and her head in that fashion.
  2. Fashion is personal. Fashion is not blindly following trends. Reading fashion blogs, following great inspirational instagrammers and watching new trends run up and down the catwalk is fun, and I love doing it. However, following every trend and every tendency without giving any thought on whether or not you even like it, does not make you a fashionable person. You can be trendy and clothed according to fashion while still keeping your personal style- if you manage to discover your personal style first and be true to it. Yes, I will wear overknee boots, because I love the way they look and I have the legs for that. Yes, I will wear red, because it is a colour that fits me. No, I won’t wear sparkly or white shoes because that wouldn’t conform with any of my clothes and my personal style. Be inspired, not dictated.
  3. Fashion is a place of self-love. Fashion is not a place of judgement. Oh, don’t get me wrong here. You will be judged. Because we are always judged. The only question you have to ask yourself is this – will you be influenced by the judgment others pass on you, or by the love you have for yourself? Whatever area the questions may be about – your hair, your clothes, your make-up – be inspired and brave enough to wear it as you wish and wear your head (note: not nose) high while doing so. As long as you are convinced and in love with yourself, what does the opinion of others matter? You can be judged as being conformitive ,while being unhappy with yourself, or you can be judged as daring and outstanding, while being in love with yourself – what will you choose?
  4. Fashion is a tool for expressing yourself. Fashion is not being identical to everyone else. This is your life. This is your time here. You are a wonderful person, maybe curvy, maybe tall, maybe ginger. Maybe shy, extroverted, a dancer, a swimmer. You have so much personality in you that is different from anyone else on this whole planet – so why hide it and not show it? Throw your great personality in the faces of people and do so with a broad smile!

You see, fashion is what you make of it. Fashion has a lot af facettes and ways, fashion is everywhere. You always choose fashion – the differences is only in whether you use it to express yourself or to conceal yourself.



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