Fashion Love Spring/Summer 2018-1: Colours!

What better way to start talking about the upcoming season than with the colours which are considered the most chic, the most “in”!

While all the other ideas might need some more thought or smartness to be incorporated, colours, at least one of those who I will present in just a second, are easily found and can be used not only on clothes, but also easily on lips, nails or accessoires!

It is, therefore, even for the more shy ones of us, or the ones who are still searching for their personal style, a great territory for exploration and experimentation!

The 5 colours of Spring/ Summer 2018

1.Red!  You have heard just right. red, which was already quite popular in autumn 2018, is also back in the warmer season. However, there is one difference, especially in the way you combine it. While red went very well with muddy colours during autumn and winter, we now want to pep it a bit up and combine red with lighter colours, or even colours of the same family, for example with our colour of the season number 2: rosa!

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2. Rose! Rose is, of course, somewhat of an evergreen in the fashion industry during spring time. But while last year the very strong raspberry colours were considered a must-have, this year’s fashion idea of rose goes back to its more pastel coloured roots. As a combination idea, use the above mentioned red to set a great contrast and ensure the statement, or try the idea of monocolouring (as discussed in the article of pre-season trends).

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3.Canary Yellow. Admittedly, this is not a very easy colour, nor a very much-loved one normally. Indeed, also considering the streetstyle, which is now presented on the ongoing fashion weeks, canary yellow might be one of the trends least seen on the streets, especially if you compare it to the other colours presented. However, if you are the type for it, it’s a great colour for spring – not only will you wear an outstanding colour, but you can also be pretty sure that not many will pose competition for you in this case!

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4./5. Lilac and Ultraviolet! With Ultraviolet being the colour of the year 2018 you already knew that it can’t be missed, didn’t you ;)? More on its use and application can be found on the corresponding article (Ultra Violet, Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018). What you probably didn’t know so far is that its little brother, lilac, is a huge favorite this season too! While Ultra violet is more based on a bluish base, with lilac you get to try out the lighter version of it too. However – with the spectrum that ranges between these two colours being quite big – you can actually go for any colour of this family and highlight your outfit thereby!


Excited for more? Don’t miss Number 2 of this series, next week, same time, on general tendencies to not miss 😉

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