Fashion Love Spring/Summer 2018: The Series

It is march and therefore, finally, the more colourful, somewhat more happy season fo the year, spring, starts!

While I was anxious for weeks to finally be able to share all the wonderful new trends this new season will bring for us with you, I am now conscious that all of it in one post is probably kind of an overkill.

So let me introduce you to this first series of the year: The Fashion Trends of Spring and Summer Season 2018!

What will you get out of this series?

Instead of talking endlessly about one or the other trend, you can extract a clear and fast overview over everything that’s fashionwise important this upcoming season.

In the first part of the series, we will talk about the most important colours to incorporate in your style this spring and summer (and I can tell you already, you will love some of them!) (start right now! ).

The second part of the series will tell you about some general tendencies and pattern, which you really shouldn’t miss, not only because they are fun and interesting, but also because there are many different applications of them, so incorporating them in your personal style is super easy. 

Following the part on the tendencies we will head right over to shoes! This might just be my favorite topic of them all. I’m not always conventional, but my love for shoes can probably be called truly stereotypical!

And last but, definitely, not least: Bags and accessories! What would a truly marvelous outfit be without the little details!

Additionally, as a special extra, every week, in which one of the parts will be presented, will feature also an Outfit post, in which you can get ideas on how to use and style the trends presented!

Lets get this season started right away!

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