Hustle – the word I hate most atm

There are lot of words that trigger unpleasant connotations in our head. Sometimes other people understand that, sometime they don’t. For me, one of the un-words (and my boyfriend will greatly disagree with this!) at the moment is “to hustle”.

Sure. “To hustle” is all over social media. “Hustling” seems to say

  • “Oh look at me I am working 24/7!”
  • “Watch what I perfectly good citizen I am, I work my ass off non-stop!”
  • “You don’t hustle? Are you sure you like what you’re doing? If you actually take a break from that you will never reach anything!”

“To Hustle is an in-word. But it’s not really that great.


Sounds familiar?


Well, for me to hustle says something completely different.

  • “Acknowledge that if I fail it is not my fault – I was doing stuff!”

– yeah, guys, but what stuff? So you hustled all this week, but did you actually reach anything or were you just busy multitasking your hustling ass off?

  • “Long term health? – HA! I am young and strong and barely ever sick. I can deal with stress and no rest all of the time.”

People. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we don’t stay this young (and strong) forever. It’s all about balance. Yeah, sure, I think it’s great that you found something you want to put a lot of work in, that you build up, but if you never take days off, actually off, not “I’m just going to answer these 200 mails real quick”- off but “I’m gonna go in nature and stay there a day without my phone”- off, you know where this will bring you? Burn out.

  • “People who don’t hustle don’t have a passion – they are stupid and they don’t understand us.”

– Maybe that one’s partially true – I don’t understand that and probably never will. It’s not about passion or stupidity or understanding, it’s about working in a smart way.

Everyone has these times where he has to do overwhelmingly much. Due date might be just around the corner, a university students (at least in Austria) exam week (here are 7 exams, have fun!), a stressful period to keep your company running – of course you put everything you have in there, no one says you shouldn’t, no one says that the opposite of hustling is laziness and doing nothing.

But, and I cannot stress this enough, the oppostite, as I understand it, to “hustling” is balance. You work a lot, you put your energy in your project, your company, your exam – what ever is important to you. You will have days, weeks or months with pressure like this shadowing your days and if you want to be successful I think we all agree that there is no way around it. SOMETIMES. But then you take some time off. You take some time for yourself – for the sake of your health, your relationsships, and yes, even your business, because if you don’t there are only 2 possible outcomes:

  1. You hustle until you hate what you do because it is your only activity – ever.
  2. You hustle until you literally don’t have any energy left to work with.

And both would be a shame, because what you are working on, what you chose to make a priority in your life, shouldn’t suffer because you are fooled by an internet trend that tells you to show off your passion in a way that will ruin you, while making you feel good about it for some seconds.

Be passionate and smart and you will probably succeed.

Healthy and happily.

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