Jewelry – finishing your outfit in fall/winter 17

These little sparkly things are supposed to be “girls best friends”. Well, I already have a pretty awesome best friend, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t absolutely adore jewelry too!

It’s been quite a blessing, the invention of fake jewelry, because, if we’re honest, they really look damn good, and if we want to keep up and change our little decoration as often as we do with our outfits that could get quite expensive otherwise.

But in what to invest your money best this fall and winter?

For all the women out there who love to go big I have 2 great news!

  1. Big pearls are totally a thing. On your ears, your neck, your arm or just as decoration on your bags or shoes – go for it, girl! The bigger the better (I love that saying. In a total not naughty sense 😉 ) Of course, as for the most big accessoires, the paring should be subtle. If you already went crazy with fur bags and velvet shoes, maybe the pearls as big as peaches should stay in the closet this time. 
  2. Big hoops for your ears are kind of a must-have. I liked them a lot when I was 14 (and back then that wasn’t  a very good thing). I know, the danger of looking a liiiiittle bit carnevalish “Hey, I’m a pirate bride”- like is given; but if you pair them to classy outfits or strict hairstyles I think they could look quite amazing. And if not, well, carneval is right around the corner. It’s for sure an accessoire to try out and play with, even if it doesn’t make it into your everyday outfits. 
  3. With that being said for the big things, let’s considered one last trend definitely worth mentioning of the fall/ winter runways – finger-wrist combinatorial bracelets. What I do love about them is that they give the outfits a kind of oriental style, without totally banging on the table. You can do it classy and chic, with very thin linkages, or you can go bold also with this trend.

You see, none of the trends this year really lets us keep it low. But then again thats not what fashion’s supposed to do (most of the time). Make it big, slam down the statement, and enjoy the experiements– there are already too many grey mouses on austrian streets! 😉

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