Suit up your feet – shoe trends fall/winter 17

We all know that shoes can change the whole appearance of our outfit. Classical dresses are made suitable for going out with sneakers, dark jeans can be worn to the theater with chic pumps.

But what does the fashion industry suggest for us to wear this fall on our feet?

Lets start with a trend I absolutely adore: lace up boots! They’re sexy, they’re adoreable, they’re comfortable. And it doesn’t matter of you wear them high, over knee style, or just over the ankle – it boosts every outfit. Guaranteed.

Choosing boots in winter generally can be considered a good idea – this fall/winter go for the overknee version of them! I admit, overknees aren’t always easy to wear, they are quite a statement and you do need nice legs for them – but in general the look absolutely fantastic.


White shoes are also seen on most of the runways this season. While they look cute to a lot of outfits, the question is if it is very wise to invest in white shoes during winter time – muddy streets, snowy paths and a lot of wetness for sure doesn’t keep them white very long! So if you already have them, great, now is the time to wear them, but I would not recommend buying expensive white shoes for this season.

Let’s warp this up with the most outstanding and daring trend of them all: shoes covered in sparkle and glitter! This trend is for those of you who don’t mind curious stares on the streets, because its for sure not often seen in Austria. No question – these shoes look amazing! But it takes courage and confidence to wear them with pride. If you want to opt for a bit less extreme but still trendy option, try shoes covered in fur, satin or velvet – it still gives them a sparkly appearance without making your co-workers eyes pop out (probably).

As wide as this seasons general tendencies are, when it comes to shoes the trends are quite bold – however, there is a lot of room for creative experiments and we all should stop worrying what others think of us anyways!

Give those shoes a try – and if you look for inspiration on how to combine them, take a look at this falls/winters general tendencies and bag trends!

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