Confidence, Feminism

Beware of Mister Nice-Guy

First and foremost – there is a (huge) difference between a nice guy and said “Mr. Nice-Guy”. The first is great, makes a good friend, maybe even a fantastic partner. The latter, however, is not only a nuisance, but can also be dangerous for a woman striving for empowerment. What’s the difference? nice guy:  Mister Nice-Guy: The difference might not…

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3 quickies, Balance

3 ways to improve your blog-productiveness

Being relatively new in the blog business, I don’t face a lot of problems coming up with ideas or finding time for my blog. Normally, I just write whenever and however I please. Lately, however, I have discovered that I waste a lot of potential and productive time, simply by being too unfocused and inconsistent. I might have good ideas,…

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That one advice that gets you started

As I’ve already mentioned, starting this blog was kind of a, personal, challenge for me. I can imagine that there are many things that you always wanted to do, but never dared to because you didn’t feel ready. Quite frankly I think that the notion of being “ready” is one of our greatest problems in modern day society. Why can…

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