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The beauty of household chores

When coming home from a long day of studies or work the pretty last thing one often wants to do is a) ironing b) folding the laundry or c) scrubbing the floors. Yet, being kind of busy lately, that is mostly what awaits me (and you probably too).

To be honest, I came to love it. Seriously. No one can tell me that there is anything more relaxing than being at home, watching old series (I adore “Golden Girls” or “Murder She Wrote” in that context) and undisturbed ironing away.

People tend to see everything so negative in their life. Does any of the following sentences sound familiar?

Oh no, I have to go to the gym later on.

Crap, I still have to do all the ironing.

Oh man, when I come home I still have to cook.

Aren’t these actually wonderful things? We would profit a lot if we would work on our mindset a bit and make it both more grateful and more positive! 

Next time try it this way:

We are physically able to go to the gym, improve our body and work on our health! It is amazing what our bodies can and will do if we train them and keep them fit.

Imagine the feeling when you slip into those freshly washed and ironed bed sheets. Isn’t that heavenly already?

Cherish the many amazing opportunities we have with food today! Don’t cook Spaghetti with canned pesto for the 4th time this week, take your time when going grocery shopping, select new, interesting looking ingredients, experiment.

Live has amazingly much to offer. And being in the position of having an own household, of taking care of your home, your health, your situation, is one of the best positions you can find yourself in.

You know what’s great about it too? It is your home. If you feel tired after a long day – who wasn’t there already! Make yourself a cup of tea, order pizza, go to bed a 9pm, who is going to stop you? Everything that needs to be done will be taken care of – by you. That doesn’t mean that you have to keep a soldier-like discipline in your house.

Try finding the joy in your household chores. Use the time to think and reflect. Meditate. Watch an inspiring lecture on YouTube. There are so many wonderful ways in which household chores can help you to wind down, fully arrive at home and relax – stop supporting the negative approach and start thinking positively and thankfully.

I guarantee that not only you will feel better nearly every single evening, you will also start to do things more consciously and don’t feel guilty and unhappy after a half-heartedly done job!

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