Book: The Education of Millionaires

This book, written by Michael Ellsberg in 2011, is fantastic. Don’t worry. This is not going to be a review – but if you’re interested in developing yourself further, in learning something for yourself and for your life – that’s the book to look at.

I need to warn you. Maybe don’t read it while you’re still at university. It does cushion the motivation quite a bit. Or maybe read it just exactly because of that.

Look at this example:

What kind of human capital do you truly develop in today’s formal higher education? The ability to write mediocre, turgid academic papers.

Woah. Now that really got me and you know why? Because when I read this passage I was just writing a pretty mediocre paper. And before you ask, it was about two films. A comparison. For a seminare. Pretty useful, right?

We never really question the kind of education we get. Especially in Austria it’s important to have a degree! It doesn’t really matter what kind of a degree, but just having one is already pretty awesome.

Does it guarantee you a job? Does it guarantee your future employer that you are well educated? I mean, I can talk quite a bit about Wall-E now, but I’m not really sure what kind of job I’m going to pursue with that. So, no. The answer is no, to both questions. But that doesn’t matter because you have that degree!

I’m not saying I didn’t like my time at university. I made wonderful friends, I had a great adventures, I experienced a lot of personal growth and I am sure that there are subjects like medicine or law were a formal education like we get at universities is absolutely necessary – but maybe rushing after some sheet of paper that states how super educated you actually are, isn’t the right thing to do for everyone (my parents better don’t read that post).

I’ll stop here, because what I think of the universities in Austria is a total new topic, and I’d better go back to my main point, The Education of Millionaires:

You don’t have to strive for your first million, for your own company, for world power to read this book. But it presents you some key lessons that will inevitably come in handy at time. And it will make you think, of how you invest your time, in what you invest your time, and what is truely important to yourself as well as how to achieve that

which is why I think that it is a fantastic read and

should be on the list of everyone

who strives for selfimprovement!



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