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The Importance of March 8th

The most common response to a picture or post on the woman’s day is mostly “Why isn’t there a day for men?”. “Why isn’t there a day for children”?. It was intended as a joke, but there is a lot of truth in this answer – because every other day is.

But this day is not one of these occasions when we want to be patted on the head, given some flowers or chocolate (even though flowers and chocolate are always nice!)  or be smiled at as “the cute little woman who wants to seem strong on this day”.

Can you imagine why men (or any other misogynistic groups) want to keep this day small at all costs? Well, I certainly can!

It’s because we are powerful. And on this special day we can remind ourselves of just how powerful we really are, and can be when we support each other!

(Quite obviously I do not mean that all of the sudden our biological factors change and we are in fact all physically stronger than our male other halves, but we both know that women have quite a different way of being powerful.)

This one goes out to;

  • all the mothers who gave birth, care, educate, raise and illuminate their children
  • all the female doctors and nurses who with their innate sense of protection and caring often make the visit to the doctor a so much more endurable way
  • all the fashion and lifestyle bloggers who sacrifice much of their free time and use their creative minds to bring a bit more personality and colour into this world
  • all the students who search to educate themselves further, academically or practically
  • all the workers who labour hard to offer us a service and run the world
  • all the boss ladies who grind daily to make their vision of the world and of their lives come true and are not afraid to say it out loud
  • all the women – because it’s not always easy to be strong, confident, honest, smart and beautiful in a world where a combination of these assets counts as a threat

As a feminist, at least the way I define it, I love both sexes, women and men. I will continue to search for equality, fight sexism and empower both to be their true and best selves. This day is important to me and it should be for you too.

For each of you the day can have a different meaning. If you are female, use this day to consciously remind yourself of your femininity, your strong points and your achievements. If you are male, remember that you too are in this world because a woman carried you for 9 months, took care of you thereafter. We might be called the weak sex – but where would the world be without our strength, endurance and softness? 

This day is for you and me – this day is for everyone! Be reminded of your greatness, of how special you truly are. Don’t let negativity ruin this day for you. We have earned our day. Celebrate it accordingly!


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