The Sixth Tendency

The attentive reader will have noticed that in this last article on the spring/summer tendencies, 5 of the most important ideas regarding this upcoming season were included. However, if you do not rely only on my insight on this topic, but are active yourself in pursuing hot trends and fashionable ideas, you will have realized that one of the most important combinations was missing.

This last tendency might be just the most important this spring and summer – it has definitely deserved an article on its own!

Obviously, I am talking about sporty chic!

Loving fashion, you have surely heard already of both, the sporty way to rock your day and the chic option, either for the evening or because that’s just the way you roll.

New this season is, however, the combination of both. Why is that necessary, you ask? A combination of styles always brings a huge line-up of advantages!

  1. Your range of motion in the question “when wearing what” has more than doubled.
  2. Older (vintage ūüėČ ) clothes you might have abandoned can find new usage
  3. It offers something for truly everyone, as you can go in either direction as far as you like
  4. and. so. on.

Sporty chic is a fantastic way to, not only experiment with different styles but also broaden your personal horizon in the field of fashion.

Some ideas for combination

  • Hoodie and smooth pencil skirts/high heels
  • Sheath dress and comfortable socks/sneakers
  • Sports shirt¬†and Blazer/plain black trouser
  • Classy blouse and jogging leggins

However, there are some total No-Gos too, which you should try to avoid when you go for this combination!

  • old, saggy, “have seen their best days” jogging trousers (Lagerfeld was right: People who wear those trousers¬†have¬†lost control over their lives!)
  • extremely practical sports equipment
  • wearing these ideas on¬†very¬†formal or official occasions – yes, it does widen your range and a nice dinner in a good restaurant can be the occasion for at least some of these ideas but show a bit of common sense too!

Additional to the other 5 tendencies I have to say that this one is my absolute favorite! You’ll be able to wear your classy clothes and tune them down just enough to rock everyday-situations. The same goes, of course, the other way around! Have fun experimenting and keep your eyes open for part 3 of the series!

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