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Things to refrain from 1 – Fake Friends Fitness Sites

I absolutely adore some fitness blogs. You can see quite easily how much time, effort, and the right diet was included in the making of the body of the sites owner.

Exercises, workout plans and recipes are tried out and proven to benefit your body.

Unfortunately, every once in a while, if you are not careful, you stumble on these fitness-websites, which are supposed to help you and lull you in, while they are really just taking you for a fool.

What are the indicators of a false-friend-fitness-site?

Generally speaking, there are three red flags that should strike you right away.

  1. They are super fancy and colourful – now don’t get me wrong. Not all superfancy and colourful websites on fitness are bad. But it is indicator number one to look more closely, if the first impression you get is not the one of competence, but a sugarcoated version of nothing. Mostly, a lot of different colours, special fonts and overly photoshopped pictures are not a good sign. You will want to look for a clear design, which has the focus on the facts not merely on the presentation.
  2. Loads and loads of products – I do not deny that there are certainly very good sites, which offer products for working out or protein shakes. However, (and this is an important however) many sites do not sell stuff for you to work out or actually improve your diet, but rather sell diet-products that are supposed to make you feel healthy, while in reality the only thing you have to look forward to is the Jojo-effect. A website that is offering products through affiliate marketing isn’t automatically bad – a website that offers many many different ways of dieting and losing weight super-quickly is taking you for a fool.
  3. The heavenly quick-fixes – as soon as you see an advertisement for any product/ diet/ workout that is supposed to “fix” you within 1,2 or 3 weeks by “simply” following some steps – Run! Fitness and Dieting is NOT a quick fix. You can for sure lose some cloth-sizes with some of the methods, I don’t doubt that, but you will not stay in shape and you will not get healthier on the long run this way. Quick fixes are a very dangerous promise, one, that too many women get fooled by. Of course it is tempting, the perfect bikini body, without being careful about my diet, without sweating? Well, unfortunately that’s not the way that works!

Why should you not follow it?

You are not stupid and you are not someone who needs to get fixed. Websites (and books) that you should refrain from will act like they are on your side – they will act body positive and they will pretend that their product is what you have always hoped for.

A healthy being, a healthy lifestyle is not achieved through lies and quick fixes. You will need to work out, get stronger, eat wiser. You are good as you are now, and if you are on the journey of getting stronger or healthier that’s a great thing and an amazing step.

Fitness websites can be a huge help in the pursuit of fitness goals. Some offer very valuable advice and insights, good meal-plans and ideas, great workouts, and especially if you are a starter, it can prove supportive.

Be careful which websites you follow though. Don’t let people, who just want to step on the train of earning money through exploiting your insecurities , fool you. You are smarter than that. And you don’t need their quick fixes if you know what’s important at heart!


What are healthier alternatives?

These two fitness websites are my favorites. I know that there are lots and lots of good ones out there – but sometimes finding them is quite difficult!

For women only, Girls Gone Strong is an amazing source of inspiration. They are dedicated to empower women and give extremely good advice on fitness, self-love and current issues.


For both genders I can fully recommend Born Fitness. It’s clear cut, it gives you the information you want and doesn’t fuss around. (


Yeah, fitness websites are fun. And the days, when we women are exploited by people who feed insecurities are over. We will get stronger, we will get healthier, we will get fitter and we will not be fooled. Empowerment isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifestyle, and by getting ideas from the right people and implementing them in your life, you’ve just made a great start!

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