Things to refrain from 3 – False Friends Instagramposts 

I love Instagram. In my opinion, it is a great way to stay in contact with friends. While Facebook is flooded with advertisement at the moment, and I mostly read company’s ideas instead of seeing the posts of my friends, I more often than not prefer scrolling through Instagram than staying on Facebook.

That both are activities on which you shouldn’t spend too much time is clear to everyone. However, in those 5 minutes when you have to wait for the bus, or the break on television, social media does has its advantages too.

Instagram then again can be pretty tricky. There certainly is a flood of people out there, who use Instagram only to show their lives from different angles and who are not afraid of showing a make-up-less face and an uncombed head.

The problem begins with those Instagrammers, who are paid to be perfect at all times. I mean seriously. There just isn’t a body on this whole wide world, which doesn’t look a bit rounder after having a bowl of spaghetti. And stomachs make rolls if you crunch. That’s a fact. That’s skin. That’s great. Yet, that’s not what we can see on those accounts.

And here is why that’s bad.

What are the indicators of False-Friends- Instagramposts?

  1. There is not one humanly normal picture on the feed – I don’t think that I even need to explain this. There is not one normal fitness move, not one relaxed pose, not one natural shot. Everything you see is clearly staged and looks just wrong. If sitting looks like it actually takes a huge effort, you know where you have ended up!
  2. Every post is sponsored – maybe that regulation isn’t so bad. #ad, #advertisement, #sponsored. Don’t misunderstand me, I think it is great that there is the possibility that we can see products in real action, and that there is the possibility for people who invest their time in a nice feed, to earn money. But if every post is sponsored, it kind of loses the right effect! I want to follow a person for her authenticity, for her values and for what she posts about herself. Then, if I see an ad, I believe it to be real, or to be meaningful anyways. If every post is paid, I don’t follow a person anymore, I follow a billboard. Got no time for this, sis!
  3. It leaves a bad aftertaste – I don’t know how to define this in a better way, but after I looked at 40 pictures of perfect bellies (stretched), super-thin thighs (not touching any surface of course) and dinners that consist of one grape (maximum), I’m not happy. Not that I’m not happy with myself or with my shape or my life, it just feels kind of sad that someone else would have this incredible need for validation and justification in life. I know a blogger who constantly invests 1000€ to buy clothes, snap pictures in them, send them back and order new ones to repeat the procedure. Then she hopes to be celebrated for her fashion sense and style and possessions. I can’t believe I’m the only one who thinks that this promotes the wrong view on life . Feeling the need to deceive reality is not what a happy life looks like and I don’t want to encourage anyone into this way of living.

Why should you not follow it?

Because you will get a wrong impression on life. This is not the person you cherish, it is not her body, not her accomplishments, not her lifestyle. Plainly speaking, it is a paid fake. And you should not let reality, your reality, be influenced by it.


 Not everybody is on Instagram, and people, who are deciding that they do not like this kind of world for sure have their reasons. As do people who love Instagram. There are some celebrities there, who are worth following, in my opinion, whose recommendations I value, precisely because not every post shows the perfect It-girl, never wearing the same piece, always having her make-up and smile on point.

Sure, everybody has to decide for herself, which behavior she wants to encourage – for herself and for others. Yet, faking reality or accepting a reality that is faked this way isn’t benefitial to anyone – neither the poster, nor the follower!

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