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Things to refrain from – The series

The more I am seeing of what people preach to be important and “necessary” in a woman’s life, the more I get desperate about it. How can we tolerate a world, which constantly seems to tell us how much we still have to change in our lives (most often going hand in hand with what we still have to buy) to be more perfect, more real, more desirable?

I am not talking about each and every website or book. There are very wise ones, that I love to follow, which really give an insight or are helpful on a certain journey. Some of these you got to know in the last series (Books that get you going). But unfortunately, on our journey to more power, to more equality, to more freedom and having a say in our lives, at least 80% of the things we encounter are counterproductive.

Marketing agencies aren’t stupid. They have long discovered that, the more they act like they are on our side, feminist and helpful, the more we will go for their sites and products, not seeing the misogyny beneath all the layers of sugarcoating.

What I will not be talking about in this series is the obvious. Women’s magazines are full of promises and skinny models to make us feel bad – but at least they don’t pretend to be something else. Their fashion, fitness and recipe pages are all meant to change us, and it does say so, the advertisement in it is too much, but at least clearly marked as such.

While I’m not having an abonnement of those, I like to flick through them every once in a while and as long as a woman has a healthy self-image and knows that what she’s looking at is mostly photoshopped, I’m not having too much of a problem with those.

What I will be talking about is the fake friends. Books, websites and blogs that pretend to be all hyped about curves, body positivity and feminism, but implicitly sell all the wrong ideas once more or are exploiting your insecurities to sell their products.

I will also talk about healthier, realer alternatives. The websites that I will propose are the ones that I, personally, love and you are free to hate them. I’m not getting any money or other form of recognition for recommending them – it is just my true and genuine feeling that they are able to make a difference.

Nobody can tell us how to live our lives. When we are trying to fight for feminism, when we are trying to empower ourselves, it is important to be very careful about the information we let touch us. This series is supposed to be a start on that.

What does it comprise?

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