UltraViolet – Pantone Colour 2018

Pantones colour of the year 2018 is out – and it is UltraViolet.

First of all I would like to say – thank GOD for a normal colour. I know, it’s not a must-wear, but I really like the colours of the year. It’s a source of inspiration, it’s fun to experiment with. And 2017 we got that greenish-yellow-“in my opinion horrible”- colour. I was out of ideas what to do with it before the year even started!

UltraViolet definitely is a better shot. Even though Pantone does suggest a certain shade, you can really go a bit creative on the exact tone. And that’s pretty nice with violet! Especially blondes will go crazy right now. But you can create great look using violet with every hair colour and skin tone, and that’s amazing.

If you are like me and kind of excited about this new colour (I may or may not have already invested in nail polish in this tone), get some inspiration for this new trend here!

Ideas in Ultra Violet

  • Combined with red – UltraViolet is an amazing colour to pair with red. Especially in the winter months january and february, you already have a perfect colour combination, if you mix the colour of the year with any shade of red you like. The two colours are very close to each other, so if you don’t go crazy on the colours of the rest of the outfit (and prevent looking like a little parrot), spend no more time thinking about the perfect match, as you have found it!
  • We love violet – also in our face! While some colours (like, for example, the greenish colourish, horriblish 2017 winner) make you look rather sick, certain shades of purple are well suited for absolutely every eye colour. You can use just a dash for a normal day make-up, violet being not too dark and still edgy, or you can go full-blown-diva and combine different shades of violet in a smokey eye set.
  • You are not really convinced that UltraViolet is your colour? How about choosing only one “It-piece” in it? If you just use a bag, shoes or a hat in 2018s colour, you can try out for yourself whether you are comfortable with it or not, without putting much at stake. This way you don’t even have to say goodbye to simpler outfits or jeans, as the colour rocks it on its own!

I am quite head over heels – there are so many possibilities to use this colour! I am really curious on how the street-stylers will adopt and combine it. Can’t wait for spring!

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