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Better be a #wallower or #scrooge?

In theory life is all about balance. We know that – between work and fun, between healthy/fit days and cheat days, balance seems to be the concept that accompanies us throughout all our life.

And I agree with that. I’ve never been a huge fan of the fanatics in any area. There are maybe “better” areas to be a fanatic (like, I don’t know, healthy food) but I strongly believe that an unbalanced lifestyle in any direction is not feasible.

A huge areas also concerned by this is finances. It’s no secret that we live in a world of vast possibilities. Marketing, Fashion magazines, Influencers and TV presents lots and lots of products, seemingly necessary, and always connects an idea with it – beauty, maybe, happiness, stability, you name it, it will be there.

On the other side of the spectrum there are our parents, the newspapers and our bank-consultants, presenting yet another option to save your money correctly, rebuking us yet another time for spending too much of our money.

Ideas regarding this topic are conflicting –

  • living in the moment or living to be a 100 years?
  • instant or delayed gratification?
  • enjoyment or discipline?

All of these ideas have its ups and downs, and yet again, no perfct answer to how to treat this topic seems to be possible.

  • You won’t be happy if you put every penny you earn or get in your bank account. Life is about living in the now, about enjoying it fully, about being happy, about rewarding yourself and feeling great.
  • You won’t be happy if you spend every penny you earn instantly. Long time goals are important, if you save for a certain period of time to get something new the feeling of gratification is higher, you will feel safer in your life if you have that cushion.

George S. Clason summarizes the solution to this problem beautiful in his: The Richest Man in Babylon (1926).

“Enjoy life while you are here. Do not overstrain or try to save too much. If one-tenth of all you
earn is as much as you can comfortably keep, be content to keep this portion. Live otherwise according
to your income and let not yourself get niggardly and afraid to spend. Life is good and life is rich with
things worthwhile and things to enjoy.”

Why look further when the answer can be that simple?

Balance in many areas is difficult. But Clason introduced the best of all formulas to at least take the financial burden of our shoulders: save 10th of your income, every month. Whatever happens, save this amount, immediately. Put it in a piggy bank. Stuff it under your mattress. Open a new bank account. If the first thing you do is saving these 10%, you know, for the rest of the month, that you can comfortably enjoy life with whatever is left and you have already achieved balance in this area.

Your mind is confronted with numerous things on a daily basis. Isn’t it beautiful to think that you can take it off this one special area? It may be much easier making the right decisions in other areas, now that you don’t have to concern yourself with this dull question anymore!

Finances are a personal topic, for sure not always easy, and many plans do not speak to everyone. However, the beauty of this old idea is that it’s adaptable to any income, lifestyle, and mindset.

I’m always an advocate of simplifying life and this idea is the perfect example of how it simplify a seemingly difficult area. Especially people our age seem to struggle. It’s often the first time we start gaining more or still have to find our way and therefore keep ourselves afloat with part-time jobs. Either way, following this idea will ease up, secure and help your approach – the easy way!

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