Ways to meditate 4 – Focused Meditation

Welcome to the fourth, and final, part of the meditation series. Focused Meditation, in comparison to Guided or Chakra Meditation, doesn’t have a lot of background to it. This time you really only need yourself and a quiet spot to meditate at.

The method

Focused Meditation is the easiest of them all – at least, in theory. What you need is one specific thing you focus on. This can basically be anything. It can be your breath. It can be the movement of your belly. It can be the warmth of your body.

Yet, you don’t have to focus on bodily sensations only. Maybe you have one special mantra that you would like to repeat to yourself over and over again. Maybe you want to visualize a difficult situation that lies ahead of you. You can even focus on past events, if you feel like you could gain something out of it.

Find yourself a quiet spot where you can sit comfortably and no one will disturb your concentration. You can, if it helps you to concentrate, light a scented stick or use some essential oil to get into the mood. Be also very sure that you are warm. Nothing is worse than if you discover that you are freezing, once you have reached a concentrated state.

Now comes the easiest and at the same time most difficult part. You will be able to do Focused Meditation only if you are either an experienced user of meditation or naturally good in concentrating. Use your willpower to concentrate on that one thing (let’s take breath as an example) only. Focus your thoughts on your breath. Feel our breath expand, deepen. Let all the other thoughts go. Do not try to hinder them from coming, but gently push them out of your mind and let your concentration return to your breath. The more often you do this the easier it will become. Try to stay in your meditation for at least 15 minutes. Mantras and visualizations can truly take form in this time. -you can repeat them over and over again, until they are deeply ingrained in your consciousness. The same goes for the conscious breath. Return to “reality” slowly when you are ready and satisfied with the result.

The advantages

  • Anyplace, anywhere, anytime – you don’t have to wait for a whole free hour or afternoon. You don’t need special items, gadgets or premises. All you need is you and your mind.
  • Priority – by focusing on one thing only, your mind makes it a priority. As the name already suggests, Focused Meditation is extremly helpful, if you have special problems to solve at hand. By concentrating on that one thing, and not letting other stuff entering your mind your subconsciousness will long after you stopped thinking about it in the meditation still be concerend with the problem and working no solving it.
  • It has your personal touch – especially Guided Meditation and Chakra Meditation is strongly influenced by other people. For Guided Meditation you do, in fact need other people, for Chakra Mediation you rely on the exercises and guidance of others too. Focused Meditation is all about your style – you create the surrounding, you decide on the thought or thing to concentrate on, you decide on the length and depth of meditation.

The disadvantages

  • You get no help – jep. I know, I just listed this as an advanatage. Unfortunately it can be seen as a disadvantage too. While with the other meditationy you have a sort of guidance that drags you along, or background information you can look up, with Focused Meditation it’s all about yourself. Me myself and I, so to say.
  • You need to be able to concentrate – when I was a bloody beginner in the field of meditation, Focused Meditation wouldn’t have been possible. It isn’t always now. My thoughts, sometimes, are way to random, way to jitty, they jump from one thing to the next, from one problem to the other, one conclusion is never enough. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t bring myself to focus and felt afterwards more anxious than before. This does get better over time, but it needs practice.

The effects

Focused Meditation can help you to see things clearer. Either you use it for a problem that lies ahead, or for analyzing a past event. It is also effective when trying to bring yourself into the moment. Focused Meditation is not advisable when you are already very tired and unfocused (quite logical, when you consider the name). Chances are that you will fall asleep, which isn’t actually a bad thing, but it’s not the effect you want to achieve.

I recommend Focused Meditation especially if you want to gain clarity over a future or past event or need to root yourself back into the moment.

Final words on the series

Meditation is surely something that can come in handy for anyone of us. No matter what the problem is – insomnia, anxiety, or stress to name a few, an easing of those can be found in one or the other way of meditation. If you are truly into it, there is no way around trying out different things, discovering what works for you and repeating the exercises. No master ever fell down from heaven – not even in meditating. Don’t give up too soon – the effects of meditation are definitely worth it; no matter what way you choose.


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