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Why are you so afraid of nipples?

I think there hardly is a body part that is just as much feared as the nipple. The female nipple, anyways. Whether it’s a nipple slip, whether you see it hardened under a girls shirt, whether a part of it is visible through a thin fabric, you can be sure to attract a lot of (unwanted) attention. Sometimes you might ask for this attention, but the echo you get surely isn’t only positive. And against common prejudice, it also doesn’t only come from men, but most likely from women too.

When I watch older TV-Series, like “Friends”, the main female characters often wear shirts without a bra underneath. And I think that’s totally understandable, even if you have bigger boobs sometimes it is just very nice going bra-less. However, in current shows or also on today’s streets, the female nipple seems banned .

But why this fear? What harm can this innocent little piece of skin do? Why are men so eager to jump to the conclusion of her being sexually open and available, just because her outfit is comfortable? Why are women so bitchy about other females taking the freedom of wearing no bra?

My guess is the following. No, we are not oppressed anymore. But still it is common to tell women to hide their sexuality, their body, their femaleness, to not attract the wrong kind of attention. I ask you – if covered boobs, where only a little knob is visible, already are cause for men to feel that they are invited to stare (or worse), can this really be the fault of the body of the female, or is rather something with his mindset seriously wrong?

And let me ask you also this – why is the male nipple of no danger to anyone and can carelessly be displayed whenever his “owner” wishes, but the female nipple, even when covered, can mean a threat to her?

If we are honest, nipples are hardly ever a statement. I mean, sure, they are hardened when women are aroused, but they are also hardened when it is cold, or when the fabric rubs uncomfortably, and they can also slip if the bra isn’t fitted well or one makes an unintended move. Not wearing a bra, or having a nipple poke or see through the shirt is not an invitation, It isn’t even a statement. It might just be comfortable, -accidental, -without any deeper thought.

We need to erase this stigmata, and it’s incredible difficult to do it alone. But if we, a collective, a large group of people, would finally understand that nipples aren’t scary, vulgar or perverted, maybe there would be a mind-shift.

Nobody should be forced to wear, or don’t wear a bra. Fundamentally, I believe that every woman should be able to wear whatever she wants, as long as it is in the range of good taste. And the view of the nipple? Well, I think it certainly doesn’t indicate bad taste.

Not wearing a bra sometimes feels great. It can be empowering, It can be sexual. It can be freedom. It can mean a whole lot of things, apart from seducing men. It’s not a question of morality or of right or wrong. It’s a question of who your body belongs to, of to whom the female body belongs to. To you. To her. To no one else.


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