Why blogging is actually hard

Blogging, per se, isn’t very difficult for me. I love writing, expressing my thoughts and it’s not likely that I will run out of ideas very soon. I have a million pictures on my computer for it and it’s fun channeling interests like fashion or fitness into the blog.

What’s difficult about blogging is that you get yourself out there – and that’s faaaar out of the comfort zone. At least for me. It doesn’t matter how self-confident or mentally strong you are – opening up in however small a way feels weird.

I like doing this and basically that should be enough for me to do it. “Don’t give a shit about what other people think, do what you like!” would be my advice for anyone in this situation and I genuinely do believe that – what others think of your life and its decisions isn’t important if you are happy.

Still, I hesitated for a long time to even try blog writing.

What about your former classmates, teachers, friends. What will they think if they read your stuff? Will they giggle and think “What a jerk”?

  • Might be. Maybe none of them is ever going to read that blog. Maybe they think it’s stupid, but you know what, so what. With many I’m not even in contact anymore. Will that really stop me from trying out new things, from enjoying what I’m doing?

What about those ex-dates and ex-lovers? What about the people I have so thoroughly removed from my life? What will people I had sex with or was in love with think?

  • Truth is, everyone of us has a dating history. Some ended good, some ended bad, some maybe didn’t even really start. I wonder how it is possible to care so much for the opinion of people, while you don’t care for the people themselves anymore. Will that maybe stop me from trying new things, from enjoying what I’m doing?

What about your family? What will they think, if they ever read your blog, about you exposing your views, your standpoints, your opinions so openly? You have them around, they’re your favorite people, you love them, can you cope with them not liking what you’re doing?

  • Oh yes, my family is super important for me, as are the friends who became somewhat family. They might not be happy with my choice of free-time activity and might advice me against it. Will that eventually stop me from trying new things, from enjoying what I’m doing?

There are a lot of people who came to my mind when I weighted starting a blog – people close, people formerly close, people who were never close at all.  But in reality those people in my head whose opinion might kind of scare me sometimes are but an excuse to not start, to not get out of my comfort zone. It would be wrong to say that I don’t care what any of them thinks. But I will not let it influence me in my decisions and I will not live my life according to the expectations of anyone but me, which is why this blog exists.


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