You can’t help everyone

Recently I came to a, for me, shocking conclusion: Some people seem to want to be miserable.

That sounds dramatic, and I know it. But how else do you explain people who just stubbornly refuse to change one single, helpful thing in their behavior?

I am in the great position that I normally surround myself with people who strive towards self-improvement. This is less about being unhappy with the current state (though it plays a part as well), but more about the knowledge that we all have so much potential, creativity, intelligence, drive, courage, and love in ourselves, that the only way to ensure regrets on our deathbeds is to not use any of it and merely survive our given time here.

I was once convinced that people who live only for the weekend, have no purpose in their lives and feel unhappy want to change. And yes, I personally find it shocking to see young people wasting their lives away in dull jobs, caught in vicious cycles of gaming, Netflix binging and unhealthy habits. Note: I am not saying that gaming, every now and then, Netflix binging on a rainy afternoon or dull jobs, if they serve as a stepping stone for a higher goal are inherently bad.  But if one’s life consists of only these habits – where does that leave those people to be in 5, 10 or 15 years.

Excuses? I’ve heard them all. “I don’t have the time to work out regularly.” “I need this job, because of the money.” “Well, I could go after my dreams, but who would look after my cat?”.

I wonder. In 25 years, suffering a heart disease, living of minimum liability, 5 cats being their only company – will they be happy?

Yet, the important thing for you, right now being here, obviously not being content with what “just happens” to you, is this: You can’t save everyone. 

Don’t feel sad for someone who doesn’t want advice. Don’t let his or her negativity draw you down as well. I am deeply convinced that each and every one of us is here to live the happiest life (whatever this means for everyone individually) he or she can. And if we stop making excuses and start to have our act together, take up responsibility for what happens in our life and live, there is no obstacle big enough to block that road to happiness.


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